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Kimberly Clark, M.A., SHE'EO and Founder of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle, and the Ask Kimberly Lifestyle Academy. Ms. Clark an expert in her field who is a globally recognized. Kimberly holds a master’s in psychology, certified lifestyle coach and management/leadership development. With an expertise in Marketing Strategy; Public Relations, Corporate Development - Company Growth Strategies, Leadership Coaching; Communication Development, Global Public Speaker/Trainer and published author focused on human & culture development (vision alignment) and authentic leadership coaching for organizations wanting to develop sustainable competitive advantage not only in the workplace but market place as well. She leads companies and non-profit organizations to become more inclusive with their team by teaching them her signature GOAL GET EM! (7) Steps Blueprint. She works with professionals who are ready-made to become heir apparent leaders. To achieve this next level of business performance excellence, we must first unify our mindset voice with our head voice - body peace will follow as stress decreases dramatically!
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Looking for an engaging virtual, in-person facilitator, keynote solution or maybe you're ready to invest in a lifestyle coach?

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 SHE'EO Kimberly Clark AKA  Ask Kimberly is an author, speaker, trainer, influencer, and registered leadership coach. Comprehensive Framework- with our signature Goal Get Em philosophy. We provide our clients with not only training programs but Kimberly is also available for speaking opportunities.  

Kimberly Brings Purpose to Your Footsteps.


1.1 Life-Map Coaching with Kimberly.(4 Weeks) 




My newest publication ->

Goal Get Em!: How-To Guide & Lifestyle Planner to Get Your Goals in Check to Manifest a Winning Mindset.

The GOAL GET EM guide principle is based on our signature (7) Steps System Blueprint. This blueprint is an extremely important part of the (GGE) guide and helps you to overcome barriers that might be hindering you from elevating to your next stage in life.

Did you know it takes approximately 21 days to form a purposeful habit? That's right, 3 weeks and 3 months to master it. Which is why the GGE guide & lifestyle planner is styled in monthly quarter format. The GGE guide provides you detailed instructions and insights on how to use the intentional processes in the book. By following the (7) Steps System Blueprint accordingly you then are able to activate the action that will produce measurable results.

Investing in my GOAL GET EM guide and lifestyle planner will empower you to put yourself as a priority, and begin the actionable processes to fulfilling your purpose in life.

Utilizing my GOAL setting methodology will provide you an outcome of achieving your dreams & desires that will open the doors to your destiny.



Mindset Mastery Accountability - It's time to focus on how you think instead of what everyone else thinks about how you should think. Kimberly Clark AKA Ask Kimberly will help you master your mindset so you can reach your goals and become more successful.

Expansive Beliefs - With her help, remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Add a strong foundation of confidence.

Deliberate Action - Now that we've mastered mindset and expanded our beliefs, let's focus on taking deliberate action to achieve our goals.

Now it's time to give ourselves the tools and strategies to make it happen. 

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If we hope to meet and live our passions, then it takes intentional exploration to reach those aspirations. A lifestyle coach provides you with the practical information needed in order to find peace, prosperity, contentment, happiness - living a good life. From helping you make specific changes that may hinder your journey in some aspect of your life (whether emotional or physical) to encouraging an individual who needs assistance sorting out their thoughts towards work/life balance; all these changes stem from a self-assessment approach towards finding oneself from within - one step at a time.

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WHAT WE DO - AKL Lifestyle is a company that develops personal growth opportunities and provides self-development & leadership development consulting.

WHY WE DO IT - We believe in creating a world where people can make choices that are authentic to them.

Tailored Training Programs: Find what's right for you. AKL has a diverse range of services including, workshops, lunch and learns, group coaching, assessments, and 1.1 consulting/coaching.

Online Courses Open for Enrollment:  The Ask Kimberly Lifestyle Academy online courses is  open for pre-enrollment. Fall courses will resume the end of September.

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Kimberly Clark, MA. SHE'EO and founder of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle, and the Ask Kimberly Lifestyle Academy. An expert in her field who is a globally recognized Life Coach, Vision Coach, CFS Coach, Brand Strategist, NETworker, Speaker, Author and lover of everything lifestyle.

Kimberly is on a mission to help people live purposely with intention while leading consciously. Whether she’s coaching women who desire more in life, entrepreneurs, facilitator at schools conferences, non-profits and/or creating content to inspire and educate—Kimberly always aims to shift the heart and minds of whomever she encounters.

Ms. Clark’s extensive background in public relations, brand & lifestyle development has made her a sought after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator presenting for top businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurial brands. Ms. Clark also known as the Queen of Vision works with numerous leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers helping them become clear and aligned with who they want to be personally and professionally. 

Kimberly's Signature Vision Statement is

Encourage through Words, Empower through Wisdom,  Elevate through Teaching.